HR Startups- Are Companies Ready for Anonymous Platforms?

How do we create a system where employees feel safe to voice their ideas or concerns? Imagine this: you clock into work, and you sign into your app. Your team lead poses the question, “What are you, or is your team struggling with at the moment?” You reply anonymously, without fear of any possible retaliation, or embarrassment mentioning weaknesses of your team or yourself.

Ideally we would all work in a space were it would be okay to voice your opinions without facing any type of backlash, but that would be a Utopian wonderland that exists only in our dreams.

Thousands of people gathered at the Las Vegas HR Technology conference last month to explore new innovations that would provide similar platforms for employers.

An App called Hyphen was introduced that adopted a model of
“bottom-up” instead of the often adopted top-down engagement system. The focus of Hyphen is to allow HR professionals to “understand the workforce in a way they never could before: what they love, what they hate, what they think of every event at work and what makes them tick. In real time.”

My boss has used Survey Monkey in the past, and expressed that by allowing employees to stay anonymous, he was able to hear brand new opinions he might have otherwise never heard. Are we ready for this type of anonymous feedback?

Walking through the halls at work, I cannot count the amount of times that I’ve heard someone screaming out of anger. I have worked for organizations that have always welcomed my input, yet there are still are those selected few who don’t feel like they can openly express themselves, and they save it for that moment alone in their office, or (in my employment at In-N-Put burger) alone in the refrigerator.

The anonymous platform seems a bit dangerous. Of course the app allows for users to flag a post, or executives to take down any inappropriate content, but are employers truly ready to hear what those who save it for the refrigerator have to say?

Even if they aren’t ready, maybe its worth it? All of this is is to create an environment that ultimately makes employees happy, and happy employees usually means happy customers.

Several research studies find correlations between employee engagement and service, sales and quality. Employee satisfaction results in higher employee engagement, meaning people are not just showing up to work, but they are passionate about the organization they are a part of.


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